Missing Days for Foreign Workers in Turkey

SSI introduced a new regulation for foreign workers’ missing day notifications which will now include these new codes.

Arrangements have been made in cases where the insured needs to be notified in more than one document and law type (5746 R&D incentives, insured underground and above ground, insured under actual service in healthcare providers, etc.). These arrangements were also necessary in order to tackle problems in notifying foreign student employment. 

The new arrangements for reporting missing days for foreign workers are as follows:

  • For students working part-time: missing day notification can only be made on condition that the insured who work part-time at universities and do university internships are notified under document types 7, 22, 42, 43, 49 and 50.
  • For foreigners who are paid General Health Insurance Premiums and Short Term Premiums without paying the Disability Old Age and Death Insurance Premium, a missing day notification can be made on the condition that they are notified with 19 and 46 document types.
  • For the insured who must be reported in more than one type of document and law (5746 R&D incentives, insured underground and above ground, insured under actual service in healthcare providers, etc.) “25- Day of Other Documents / Law Types” can be selected as the reason for the missing day.
  • For foreign passport holders who travel abroad for work, taking into account the dates of entry and exit to the country, they may use the reason for the missing day with the code “21-Other Unpaid Leave” regarding the time spent on the road. The travel period should not exceed two days.

To re-specify the codes in the General Letter dated March 18, 2019, missing days can be notified to SSI in the following circumstances:

  1. Health reports received from health service providers and workplace physicians authorized by the institution,
  2. Arrest and detention,
  3. Interruption of work due to strikes, lockouts, events affecting the general life and natural disaster or document proving complete halt of the work.

Which Missing Day Codes Will Be Used?

Missing day codes to be used for foreign nationals are as follows:

1- Rest

4- Detention

5- Arrest

8- Strike

9- Lockout

10- Events Affecting General Life

11- Natural Disaster

21- Other Unpaid Leave

25- Day Completion with Other Document / Law Types.

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