Administrative Fine For Unreal Occupational Codes


In the New Year, notified occupational codes must reflect the truth; otherwise employers will be liable to an administrative fine. 

Article 98/A of Income Tax Law No. 193 stipulated that, deducted taxes with tax bases, employees’ SSI premiums and total earnings, name of occupations and occupational codes as well as premium paid days must be declared online with Withholding Tax and Monthly Premium Service Document.

Although application of “Withholding Tax and Monthly Premium Service Document” is postponed to 1 July 2018 for most the provinces of Turkey, employers should update these codes at the beginning of the new year.

Because January is the month promotions and statute changes takes place in. Workplaces can update the changes on SSI screens by entering the real occupational codes of their employees without any administrative fine.

 According to Law no 5519/102-n that will be in effect as of 1st January 2018;

Workplaces that notified the occupational codes contrary to the facts, an administrative fine equal to 1/10 of monthly gross minimum wage for per employee will be imposed.

Employers are advised to check the above mentioned codes carefully and update the ones that don’t reflect the true occupation of the employees. 

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