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2020 Unemployment Benefits are recently announced in Turkey. Let’s try to answer the most frequently asked questions here in this article: How are the unemployment benefits determined? What criteria are taken into account? Who benefits from this allowance and how?

By definition, Unemployment Benefit is the allowance paid by the unemployment fund to the unemployed for a certain period of time.

To benefit from the Unemployment Benefits, the following criteria apply:

  • To be laid off without his/her will and/or fault, while working within the scope of unemployment insurance,

  • Insurance premiums must have been paid continuously in the last 120 days before the person’s termination of employment,

  • The unemployment insurance premium has been paid for at least 600 days within 3 years before the termination of employment,

  • Must apply for Unemployment Benefits to ISKUR within 30 days of termination of employment.

In addition, the person who will benefit from this opportunity must leave the job with one of the following exit codes:

– 04- Termination of an indefinite term employment contract without justification by the employer
– 05- Termination of fixed-term employment contract
– 12- Military
– 15- Collective layoff
– 17- Closing the workplace
– 18- Termination of work
– 23- Termination by worker for compulsory reason
– 24- Termination by worker due to health reasons
– 25- Termination by worker due to the behavior of the employer contrary to the rules of morality and goodwill
– 27- Termination by employer due to compulsory reasons and detention
– 28- Termination by employer for health reasons
– 31- Termination except for its own wishes and defects under the Code of Obligations, Trade Unions Law, Strike and Lockout Law
– According to Article 21 of Law No. 32-4046, termination due to privatization
– 33- Termination of the contract by the journalist
– 34- Transfer of the company, termination due to the change of the nature of the work or workplace.

Moreover, when terminating the employment contract due to military service, it is required to apply to İŞKUR with the demobilization certificate within 30 days of the termination of employment.

Duration of Unemployment Benefits

The duration of Unemployment Benefits is determined by looking at the insurance history of the employee for the last 3 years:

– 180 days for employees who are insured for 600 days,
– 900 days for employees who are insured for 240 days,
– 1080 days for employees who are insured for 300 days.

Health Services for the Unemployment Benefit Beneficiaries

Those who are entitled to Unemployment Benefits are covered by the General Health Insurance. During the Unemployment Benefit period, the General Health Insurance premium is covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. At the same time, the dependents of these people are accepted within the scope of General Health Insurance,  thus, benefit from health services.

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