How do we calculate overtime earnings on holidays ?

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According to  Labor Law no 4857, working time is 45 hours maximum weekly. In case of exceeding a total of 45 hours a week (except cases where the principle of balancing is applied in accordance with Article 63) should be accepted as overtime. For an employee who works overtime, wage for each hour of overtime shall be remunerated at one and a half times the normal hourly rate.

What is permission to seek new employment?

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In accordance with Labor Law no 4857 article 17, before terminating a continual employment contract made for an indefinite period, a notice to the other party must be served by the terminating party. The notice period can change from two weeks to eight weeks, depending on the employee's working time. If the employment contract is terminated by respecting the term of notice, the employee shall be entitled to permission to seek new employment during notice period.

What is the week-end wage and terms of payment ?

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Article 46 of Labor Act no 4857 regulates terms and conditions of week-end wage. Accordingly, at least twenty-four hours of rest time (week holidays) is given to the workers within a period of seven days, on the condition that they have worked the business days determined by law before the holiday. The employer pays the wage for the non-worked week holiday completely without any work correspondence.

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