Is Christmas a Holiday in Turkey

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is-christmas-a-holiday-in-turkeyIn today’s globalizing economies we witness an international labor movement, almost in every country of the world increasing number of foreign people with various nationality, belief and tradition are being employed.

Without prejudice to international treaties based on reciprocity principle, all foreign employees are subject to governing labor legislation of the country they are working in.   

As Christmas days (24-26 December) is not specified in “Law on National and General Holidays, No. 2429” which regulates the holidays in Turkey employers are not obliged to grand their Christian employees any paid leave.

İŞKUR Declarations

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In business life there are many types of declarations to be submitted to authorities and one of them is "Labor Schedules" that should be published on İŞKUR website.


İŞKUR, Turkish Employment Agency is a state foundation aimed at protecting, improving and expanding employment and preventing unemployment.

Providing unemployment insurance services, finding jobs and employees, implementing labor force policies are also amongst the duties of the agency specified in Turkish Employment Agency Law no. 4904.

For achieving this purpose Agency needs to collect labor market data on local and national basis, and workplaces are under the obligation of providing the data related to their workforce regularly.

How to Register on IŞKUR Website

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Using the İŞKUR system online is clearly explained in the website of agency both in Turkish and English. Our explanations below are for the branches of foreign based companies which having trouble with the site as we witnessed occasionally.

You should first create a new workplace record (system registration) and then employer registration can be made after that.

Turkish Republic Identity Number of an authorized person in your company is necessary to sign in to the system.

Is it Obligatory to Employ Disabled Personnel

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One of the major problems in society is the social and economic deprivation of disabled individuals.

Therefore some affirmative actions are being taken in all countries to provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to be productive and integrated with the society. And the best way of ensuring their employment is imposing obligations on establishments.

Turkey has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled, whose Article 30th lays down the criterions for individual with disabilities and obligation of employing disabled persons is arranged in Labor Law No. 4857, Article 30.

10 Short Simple Questions on Work Permits

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10-short-simple-questions-on-work-permitsQ: Can we file a work permit application inside Turkey for a foreigner staying in the country with tourist visa.
A: No, it is not possible to apply for a work permit inside Turkey concerning a foreigner who is staying in the country with a tourist visa. Only holders of valid residence permission (valid for a minimum of 6 months, except for residence permits for educational purposes) in Turkey or their employers may apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Q: Can I apply for a general working permission, and choose my workplace?
A: No, foreigners may be granted a work permit for only a specific workplace. The permit terminates when they quit working in this workplace. There is no system that will allow foreigners to apply for and get a work permit and then choose their work or workplace. Application for permit should be filed by the employer who wants to employ foreigner.

What are the Tax and SGK Premium Exemptions on Private Insurances and Pensions

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what-are-the-tax-and-sgk-premium-exemptions-on-private-insurances-and-pensionsAlthough the current mandatory state social security system (SSI/SGK) covers almost all of the employees as regard to health insurance and pension there also exist some supplementary private insurances which can be named as; Individual Retirement System; Private Health Insurance; Private Life Insurance.

Their tax and premium liabilities vary according to the type and the payer (employee or employer).

Table below shows the types of insurances and their premium and tax liabilities.

How to Calculate Minimum Living Allowance

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how-to-calculate-minimum-living-allowance-2Part of the wage that constitutes the amount of minimum subsistence level is not subject to income tax for real persons in Turkey legislation.

Minimum Living Allowance is calculated on the basis of minimum wage regardless of the total earning, and in accordance with the marital status and the number of the children of the employee.

The following rates of annual gross minimum salary are not subject to income tax;

50% for the employee
10% for the non-employed spouse
7,5% for each of the first two dependent children and  10% for third dependent child and 5% for the following dependent children.

Annual gross minimum wage will be multiplied with the total percentage (corresponding to employee)  to find the amount not subject to income tax; and  the found amount will be multiplied by the first tax bracket percentage (15% for 2015) to find the annual deductible tax.  And monthly amount of MLA can be found by dividing 12.

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