What are the conditions for benefiting from unemployment insurance benefits?

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What are the conditions for benefiting from unemployment insurance benefits?Principles relevant to unemployment insurance are determined by Law number "4447". With regard to this, for any insured to benefit from unemployment insurance, the employment contract is required not to be terminated for the workers fault or not sourced from his will.

Besides; the insured should have completely paid unemployment insurance premium for at least "600" days in the last "3" years before his leave and for the last "120" days in order to benefit from unemployment insurance benefits. 

Can a retired employee continue to work in the same workplace?

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An insurance holder meeting the conditions of Social Security Legislation qualifies for retirement. Within that perspective, insurance holder qualified for retirement can terminate his employment contract and receive his severance pay. To benefit from that right, the employee should apply to the affiliated Directorate of Social Security and receive a written statement confirming that he qualifies for retirement and entitled to severance pay.

Are food and transportation allowances compulsory?

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Are food and transportation allowances compulsory?According to Labor Law, the employer must pay to the contracted employee a wage that is not less than the minimum wage.

Gross minimum wage in effect between dates of 01.01-30.06.2010 is 729 TL.  Employment contracts should be referenced for any additional payments or benefits provided to the employee. Transportation or food allowances, shuttle service or offering office catering are specified in employment contracts.

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