How to Register Company New Starter and Leavers on SSI

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how-to-register-company-new-starter-and-leavers-on-ssiCOMPANY REGISTRATION

1 – When to Register?

Employer should register in SSI (SGK) at the same day they employed staff. Upon registration, companies will receive a social security registration number. As per Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, Article 11-3 “The employer is obliged to submit the Institution the workplace notification, of which sample shall be prepared by the Institution, at the latest on the date the insurance holder starts working. The employers who submit the trade registry offices the number of insurance holders to be employed and their employment dates at the establishment stage of the company shall be deemed to have made such notifications to the Institution. Trade registry offices are obliged to notify the Institution about such notifications submitted to them, within maximum ten days.”

Do You Check Your Passport Validity?

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We advise you do so. Because according to latest announcement from Ministry of Labor and Social Security Department of Work Permit for Foreigners;

"As of the date January 1, 2015 foreigners whose passport validity are not 60 days longer than the expiration date of the work permit will not be allowed to enter/re-enter Turkey."

Foreigners excluded from the scope of the Work Permit Procedure

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foreigners-excluded-from-the-scope-of-the-work-permit-procedureLaw no. 4817 on the Work Permit for Foreigners includes foreigners working dependently and independently in Turkey, foreigners receiving professional training with an employer in Turkey as well as natural and legal persons employing foreigners.
Unless otherwise stipulated in the bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, foreigners must obtain a permit before they start working dependently or independently in Turkey.

Foreigners may be granted a work permit for a workplace or a business. There is no system that will allow foreigners to gain a work permit and then choose their work or workplace. Foreigners are granted work permits for a specific workplace and the permit terminates when they quit the same workplace. Work permit applications can be made based on whether the foreigner is a resident in Turkey.

Conditions of Severance Pay in Turkey

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conditions-of-severance-pay-in-turkeyAccording to article 14 (still in effect) of Former Law no. 1475, employees are granted severance pay under certain conditions. Accordingly:
Provided that the period of employment with the same employer is minimum 1 year, and if the employment contract is terminated for the following reasons, severance pay will be granted to the employee as required by the period of employment:

If one requests unpaid leave for a week, does the weekend count as work day?

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If one requests unpaid leave for a week, does the weekend count as work day?


"When I asked for an unpaid leave for August 12-16th, my employer said that the weekend following these work days (August 17th and 18th) would be deducted from my paycheck.

We don’t normally work over the weekend. My employer says that because I won’t be working Monday through Friday, I will not earn the right to be off over the weekend. Is this a legitimate practice?"

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