National Employment Strategy of Turkey Issued


As of 2023, unemployment rate will be reduced down to 5%, unregistered employment rate in non-agricultural sector will be under 15%, women’s employment participation rate will be increased to 41%, and child labor will be eliminated, according to government’s new “National Employment Strategy” published in the official gazette on 7th …

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All about Annual Vacation in Turkey


Paid annual leave is arranged between Articles 53 and 62 of Labor Law, No. 4857, and relevant procedures and principles are set out by the Regulation on Paid Annual Leave. Who Decides Who is Taking Vacation and When? For workplaces employing more than 100 employees it is obligatory to constitute …

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Rights of Father in Turkish Labor Law


Turkish Labor Law contains many provisions creating positive discrimination (which is praiseworthy) for female employees, however until recently male workers had not got any parental leave. By the new arrangements came into effect in last two years, male employees whose spouse has given birth, or adopters of a child are …

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Ten Things About Foreign Employees in Turkey


“This article is published in “Dünya Executive,” the weekly English supplement of financial newspaper Dünya, on 31st May 2017. We have tried to shed light on the problems frequently encountered by the foreigners in our country.”   Being an expat is something like an adventure involving so many problems to …

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Latest Attempt for Establishing Severance Fund in Turkey


Arguments over severance payment system have a long background in Turkey; and it still constitutes the most controversial issue between labor and employer representatives. Starting from 1975 a severance payment fund, intended to reconstruct the still prevailing system, occupied the agenda during the last 42 years. When the Labor Law …

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Biometric Photograph for Work Permit

Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced that in the application of work permit application the photos belong to foreigners must be biometric. As is known new work permit law “International Workforce Law No. 6735 is entered into force as of 13 August 2016. You can find the full English …

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Prohibited Occupation for Foreigners in Turkey

As a general rule, foreigners are obliged to get a work permit to work dependently or independently in Turkey. However, some occupations and professions are prohibited to foreigners, and can only be performed by Turkish citizens. This ban is arranged in the special laws of the related professions. According to …

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