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Amendment on Permanent Work Permits


As is known there are various types of working permissions set out in  Law on the Work Permit for Foreigners, No. 4817. One of them is working permission for an indefinite period of time, and that may also be called “permanent work permit”. Law No. 4817, Article 6 which is …

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Half Time Working Pay after Childbirth for Working Mothers


Draft on Amending  Some Laws and Statutory Decrees For Protection of  Family and Dynamic Structure of Population is submitted to Presidency of TBMM (Grand National Assembly Of Turkey). Many changes are expected in working life by the enactment of the above mentioned draft. New additional benefits will be granted to …

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Revisions on the Work Permits for Foreigners


 As is known, detailed regulations on the work of foreigners in Turkey are included in Application Regulations of Law On The Work Permit For Foreigners which is published in the Official Gazette no. 25214 dated 29/8/2003. The amendments made to Article 55 of Application Regulations of Law On The Work …

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Occupational Safety & Employer’s Liability


As industrial accidents became a current issue in the country, we found it important to remind the duties of employer related to occupational health and safety, because failing to carry out these duties might cause Employer being liable to serious administrative and criminal sanctions. We had also published an article …

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Turkey Opens Doors for Qualified Foreigners


Turkey is taking steps to attract qualified foreign professionals and investors by a new draft providing easier work permit application and granting procedures. The Draft On The Employment of Foreigners regulating; the determination, application and following of relevant policies, the procedures and principles related to work permits and exemptions granted …

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SSI Has Issued the Excepted Legal Regulation on “The Matters of Company Partners whose work entrance or termination notifications not submitted.”


According to the announcement made by SSI Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Security Institution, dated 09/11/2014, insurance entrance and termination notifications in the format of written documents required by Law for the limited liability company partners, and acting (commandite) partners of commandite companies of which capital divided into shares, the associates …

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Implementations of Social security contracts


C I R C U L A R2013/39    Procedures carried out according to the social security contracts/agreements that Turkey enters into shall hereafter be performed as follows: 1- Periods less than one year No monthly allowance will be granted in turkey for files with the following insured employment periods: …

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Circular regulating the procedures and principles on Restructuring Some Public Receivables under Law No. 6552 is published in the Official Gazette


Estimated reading time: 3 min. Communique on the procedures and principles on Restructuring Some Public Receivables under Law No. 6552, for which millions of taxpayers have been waiting, is published in the Official Gazette. Taxpayers who want to benefit from the restructuring should apply to the institution that they are …

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