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Private Employment Agency Regulation In Turkey

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private-employment-agency-regulation-in-turkeyFlexible working provisions introduced into labor market by Law No. 6715 on 6 May 2016 to create a balance between flexibility and security for both workers and employers. The Law aimed at arranging temporary working relationship, and widened the activity-areas of private employment agencies.

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Now, the "Regulation on Private Employment Agencies," determines the conditions of temporary employment have been issued in Official Journal No. 29854 dated 11 October 2016.

Turkey To Continue With Summer Time

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turkey-to-continue-with-summer-timeClocks in Turkey will not be set back one hour to pass into winter time this year throughout the entire country, and the currently implemented summer time, which is also called DTS (Daylight Saving Time), will be the country's non-changing standard time from now on.

Turkey who is in the Eastern European Time zone (EET) were normally synchronized with European countries as regard to DST change, however the government, with a cabined decree, dated 8 September 2016, decided that in this and the upcoming years the summer time will stay stable in order to make more use of daylight during the winters.

As a result of this decision Turkey will stay on GMT/UTC + 3 all round the year while many of the countries in the World and Europe will set back their clocks one hour back in winter (i.e. 30 October, 2016)

The Protection Of Personal Data In Turkey - When To Begin?

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the-protection-of-personal-data-in-turkey-when-to-beginAlthough the "Law on The Protection of Personal Data, No. 6698" has been issued in Official Journal No. 29677, dated 7 April 2016, there are still some doubts about the application of protection of personal data.

We informed you that many of the provisions will come into effect after six months of the issuance of the law (7 October 2016 - tomorrow) and companies will have a preparation period, and that a "Personal Data Protection Board" will be established to determine the criteria and rules as regard to implementation of the Law.

Turkey's Minimum Wage Not To Be Decreased During 2016

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turkey-s-minimum-wage-not-to-be-decreased-during-2016Turkish Labor Minister promised in a press conference that the net 1.300,00 TL monthly minimum wage, which was determined at the beginning of 2016 will not be slashed due to increasing income tax, and they will take the necessary steps to prevent any decrease, which otherwise would occur because of the shift in the taxable income brackets.

In the application of income tax rates, the cumulative income is taken as a base. Until September 2016 the cumulative amount of minimum wage was in the first bracket, which is 12.600,00 and the rate was 15%. But as of October some part of cumulative minimum wage will be shifted to second bracket and 20% income tax will be applied to that part of the wage, and will lower it up to 1.230,00 TL, meaning about 70,00 TL losses on the monthly minimum wage.

New Work Permit Fees And Where To Pay

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International Workforce Law No. 6735, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016 has brought some changes on the fees of Work Permit and Work Permit Exemp­tion certificates. Also valuable paper fee will be collected for these documents.

As per the amended Turkish Act on Fees No. 492; following fees will be charged for Work Permit or Work Permit Exemption issued for foreigners;

    1. Temporary Work Permit and Work Permit Exemp­tion Certificate:     500 TRY
    Up to 1 year (including 1 year) (Extensions are subjected to same fees for each year.)            
    2. Permanent Work Permit Certificate:                     5.000 TRY
    3. Independent Work Permit Certificate:                 5.000 TRY

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is authorized to determine the work permit certificate fees according to reciprocity principle. Work permit exemption certificate issued for a period shorter than three months, and those issued for holders of Turquoise Card and their foreign spouses and minor and dependent children of them and their spouses are not subject to any fee."

Change In Work Permit Extension Application

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change-in-work-permit-extension-applicationApplication time for extension of work permit has been significantly changed by the new Law No 6735. As of 31st August 2016, work permit application extensions will be made before the ex­piration of work permit, according to above mentioned Law.

As is known," International Workforce Law No. 6735," which regulates the transactions to be followed on work permits and work permit exemptions granted to foreigners has entered into force after being published in Official Gazette numbered 29800 dated, 13 August 2016 and replaced the former "Law on Work Permits of Foreigner, No. 4817.

New Fines For İllegal Employment Of Foreigners In Turkey

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new-fines-for-illegal-employment-of-foreigners-in-turkeyInternational Workforce Law No. 6735, published in Official Gazette numbered 29800 dated 13 August 2016, has replaced the former Work Permit Law No 4817 and introduced many changes as regard to work permit regulations of foreigners. Also new amounts of administrative fines for illegal employment of foreigners and for failure to fulfill the obligation of notification arranged in Article 23 of the new Law are as follows.

Restructuring Of SSI Premium Receivables Started

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restructuring-of-ssi-premium-receivables-startedRestructuring of SSI premium receivables, such as insurance premium, group insurance premium, pension deduction and institution's contribution, unemployment insurance premium, social security support premiums and receivables applied to principles receivables (penalties, default interests and late) has been started by the issuance of SSI Circular No. 2016/18, dated 22 August 2016.

As we informed you before, many of the public receivables, accrued before 30 June 2016, related to taxes and social security premiums, and subsidiary receivables associated with them will be restructured according to "Law on Restructuring Some Receivables, No. 6736 dated 3 August 2016."

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