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Turkish Government is to Cover Half of the Newly Graduate Wages

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tll graduate artYou may pay half wage for every new graduate employee through a year, in case the proposed incentive is carried into effect in the forthcoming days.

In search of a solution for the growing unemployment rate amongst the young population, especially amongst the university graduates, Turkey has taken some steps to fight against unemployment. As a follow-up of these efforts, Labor and Social Security Minister Müezzinoğlu announced in a public meeting that government is preparing to launch a new incentive for the employers of new graduates by paying the half wage of the new graduates from the state funds during one year.

SSI Administrative Fines For 2017

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Administrative fines to be applied by the Social Security Institution are increased in 2017 in parallel to minimum wage hike. Amounts of the fines for the violations specified article 102 of Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 are as follows.

Compensatory Work in Turkish Labor Law

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compensatory artIn case of bad weather and under some other circumstances that made working impossible, employer has the right to ask its employers to make up unworked hours at a later date. Also, the days unworked before and after holidays –especially the half-days before the Turkish religious holidays- may be considered in the same scope. However, this right of employer has some limitations; and monetary fines can be applicable in the cases of violating the provisions set forth in Law and Regulation.

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