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Import Regulations in Turkey

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world exportOverview

Overall, Turkey has a relatively free market for trade in goods and services as a result of liberalization measures introduced over the past two decades. Turkey follows basic WTO rules to regulate imports and tariff structures and has adopted the European Union (EU)'s common customs tariff for imports from third countries. Turkey signed a customs union with the EU in 1996, eliminating all duties and charges on goods imported from EU member countries, excluding services, public procurement and unprocessed agricultural products. Turkey has signed free trade agreements with various countries and extends preferential treatment for least developed countries and some developing countries.

Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Turkey

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Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Turkey	Make it your priority to fully understand the legal requirements for getting married in Turkey.

Residency Requirements

There are no minimum residency requirements, providing that you obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the relevant authority in your country of residence.If you have not obtained this document then you will be required to be resident in Turkey for 21 days prior to applying for a Certificate of No Impediment, and a further 21 days for the relevant documentation to be issued.

Doing Business in Turkey

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Doing Business in Turkey	A foreign company may do business in Turkey in one of the following ways: Operate as a contractor, establish a branch or a subsidiary.

Establishment Procedures
The registration and foundation procedures relating to Turkish subsidiaries and branches have been simplified considering the permissions to be required for the establishment. Under the present regulations except for the liaison offices, there is no more any requirement to get the Turkish Foreign Investment Department permissions or approvals for the foundations and registrations.

2011 Wage Parameters

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2011 Wage Parameters	Minimum wage amount is changed, and so did the upper and lower limits of average daily earning taken as basic to premium.

Family allowance, child allowance and disability benefit amounts are also redefined.

Minimum Wage amount is changed

Based on Labor Law no 4857 and with the decision of Commission of Fixing the Minimum Wages, the new parameters are set as follows:

For workers over the age of 16, the wages will be;

26.55 TL per day and 796.50 TL per month between 01.01.2011 and 30.06.2011; 27.90 TL per day and 837.00TL per month between 01.07.2011 and 31.12.2011

Which Works Can Be Given To The Subcontractor?

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Which Works Can Be Given To The Subcontractor?	The person who takes a work that requires specialization in auxiliary works or in some part of the main work because of technological reasons or as necessity of work related to the product or service production at the work place and assigns his workers employed for that work only to the work he has take  is called as subcontractor.

The work that requires specialization as necessity of the work and establishment is one of the obligatory elements of the product or service production that requires a separate specialization other than the own specialization of the establishment.

The employer has to make a product or service production by means of his own employees and management organization.  However, the main work can be given to the subcontractor only if the following conditions occur together;

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