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Is the Employer Entitled to Terminate Bonus Entitlement Unilaterally?

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There are no legal regulations defined concerning bonus entitlements. Bonus entitlements are regulated by mutual agreement between the employee and the employer. In that case, the bonus payments are considered as legal rights of the employee. Bonus entitlements are accepted as legal rights of the employee in an establishment that pays bonuses on a regular basis although there are no terms defining or regulating them. Termination of bonus entitlement in an establishment that regularly pays bonuses would mean a substantial alteration in labor contract and employment conditions. Changes in working conditions are regulated in Labor Law 4857 article 22.

What is the personal scope of Law no 5510 on Social Security and Health Insurance ?

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Law no 5510 on Social Security and General Health Insurance brings about innovations in health care field along with innovations in many other fields. When the law came into effect, there was ambiguity concerning the conditions and scope of the law as well as who and how to benefit from medical care. In accordance with the law, the persons under general health insurance are regulated in article 60...

Income Calculation Parameters in the Year 2009

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State withholdings (Social Security Institution premiums, income tax withholdings, etc.) are calculated in accordance with predetermined parameters. Within that framework, same parameters are subject to change inof January every year. The parameters applicable for the periods January-June and July-December are listed below...

Terms of Employment Statements for Different Business Lines

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 The employees who considered as insured under a service contract, latest within one day before recruitment, starting of professional training or apprenticeship are to be notified to the Institution with "Statement of Employment of Insured Persons" that is provided in Social Security Procedures Regulations. If employers don't give statement of employment on time, employers shall pay an administrative fine.

You will find below the period of notice for statement of employment for different business lines;

Definition of Minimum Living Allowance

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According to the regulations on article 32 of Income Tax Law no 193, with effect from 1 February 2008, minimum living allowance will be applied in taxation of wages.

 In accordance with regulation, after calculating the amount of tax the employees who receive income from wages, the amount of the minimum living allowance calculated in accordance with the regulations will be reduced from the payable income tax. According to this, the minimum wage rate effective as of the beginning of first fiscal year for employees aged 16 or more applies.
The tax assessment is charged at annual total minimum wage.

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