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The giants' prestige formula

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132701Capital's "The Most Popular Companies in Turkey" survey shows who are the winners this year in the competition to secure prestige.

The main factors which bring prestige are service quality, customer satisfaction and reliability. The top five remained unchanged this year, but there was noticeable movement in the list as a whole. In 2011, six new names joined the top 20. The leader in 2011 was again Turkcell. Garanti Bankası ranked second with Arcelik third.

Terms of Employment

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Terms of Employment	Employment in Turkey is mainly governed by Turkish Labor Law and Trade Union Law.

Under the new Turkish Labor Law, there are four different types of job contracts:

a) Job contracts for “temporary” and “permanent” work
b) Job contracts for a “definite period” or an “indefinite period”
c) Job contracts for “part-time” work
d) Job contracts for “work-upon-call”

Job contracts do not have to be concluded in a specific format. However, if a job contract is signed for a definite period, it must be concluded in writing. Job contracts are exempt from stamp tax and other duties.

Turkish minister supports German draft law on integration

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Turkish minister supports German draft law on integration	Turkish Labor & Social Security Minister Faruk Celik supported a German draft law on integration and social participation. “This is a very important draft law,” said Celik, and expressed hope that it would become law soon.

“North Rhine-Westphalia is the state where Turks had the highest population,” said Celik prior to his meeting with Guntram Schneider, the Minister of Labor, Integration & Social Affairs of Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia, in Ankara on Tuesday.

Celik said that 25 percent of trade between Turkey and Germany was made in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Work Permits For A Definite Period Of Time

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Work Permits For A Definite Period Of Time	Unless otherwise provided in the bilateral or multi-lateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, working permission for a definite period of time is given to be valid for at most one year, taking into consideration the situation in the business market, developments in the labour life, sectorial and economic conjuncture changes regarding employment, according to the duration of residence permit of the foreigner and the duration of the service contract or the work, to work in a certain workplace or enterprise and in a certain job.

Turkish public servants waiting for October

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Turkish public servants waiting for October	This year’s collective bargaining talks, annually slated for August, will be replaced with the collective agreement talks to be held after Parliament opens in October in line with the approved constitutional amendments granting public servants the right to a collective agreement.

Labor Minister Faruk Çelik, who came together with public servant unions Thursday, said this year collective bargaining talks would not be held on Aug. 15 but that collective agreement talks would take place after the respective law was passed in Parliament when it opens in October.

Draft Code Suggests Canceling Severance Pay, Starts Debates

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Draft Code Suggests Canceling Severance Pay, Starts Debates	The Turkish government’s plans to sharply reduce severance payments in a bid to increase firms’ competitiveness has sparked debate even before related legislation is officially launched. The new planned system seems to disfavor employees, some say. A radical cut in severance payments, one of the main reforms expected as part of Turkey’s new national employment strategy, has fired up debates even before it has been officially announced.

Workplace Bullying: A Global Overview

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Workplace Bullying: A Global Overview	Think about sexual harassment. It's not done. And yet until not that long ago it was something that was done flagrantly – and constantly - with a wink and a nod. It still happens, but less, and public perception has changed.


Yet in the United States, workplace bullying has been found to be four times more prevalent than sexual harassment.

It's not just the United States that has a problem. At the Work, Stress, and Health 2011 conference, bullying expert Staale Einarsen of Norway described the workplace bullying field as "exploding." And in Denmark, an article in the Copenhagen Post online in March 2010 quoted the Minister of Employment as stating that workplace bullying had become such a huge problem across the country that a special system needed to be set up to tackle it.

Turkey Steps Up Gender Equality Cooperation With EU

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Turkey Steps Up Gender Equality Cooperation With EU	As women's participation in the Turkish labor market remains lower than that of European Union member states and other OECD countries, Turkey is taking measures with relevant European bodies to close the gap.

One such measure, announced today, is an EU funded project titled "Promoting Gender Equality in Working Life," being undertaken with the Turkish Prime Ministry's General Directorate on the Status of Women, or KSGM, and the Turkish Ministry of Labor. The 18-month project targets the gaps in Turkey's legislation in comparison with EU legislation, to avoid gender discrimination in the work place and is supported by experts from Germany and Austria.

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