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Missing Day Declaration

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Number of working days within a month is considered 30, regardless of the actual number of days the month includes. In other words workdays of January (31 days), February (28 or 29 days) or March (30 days) is the same.  

Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law Number 5510, Article 3-14 reads as follows;

14) (Amended: 17/4/2008 - 5754/1st Art.) Month: shall mean, for the insurance holders under items (a) and (c) of the first paragraph of Article 4, whose wages are payable on 15th of each month, the time period between 15th of a month and the 15th of the next month, and for other insurance holders, the time period between the 1st of the month and the end of that month, and which is deemed to be thirty days,”

Retirement Conditions in Turkey

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emeklilik hesabıThe retirement age depends on the date of entrance into SSI (Social Security Institution) in Turkey. There are several eras determined by the issuance of consecutive legislation that made the age of eligibility very complex; also alternative eligibility conditions exist within these eras.


Persons first time insured between above dates will be eligible for old age pension

  •  With 7 000 days of contributions at the age of 58 (women) or 60 (man).
  • Or alternatively 25 years in the system with 4500 premium payment at the age of 58 (women) or 60 (man).

FAQs on Press Labor Law in Turkey

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Who are in the scope of Press Labor Law?

Persons employed in periodical newspapers and magazines, news and photograph agencies, news departments of radio and television companies, under following titles are considered as press members and subject to Press Labor Law (Law on Sector Regulations between Press Employees and Employers) No. 5953.

2017 Fines for Illegal Employment of Foreigners in Turkey

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tll illegal employement artInternational Workforce Law No. 6735, published in Official Gazette numbered 29800 dated 13 August 2016, has replaced the former Work Permit Law No 4817 and introduced many changes as regard to work permit regulations of foreigners as well as new amounts of administrative fines for illegal employment of foreigners and for failure to fulfill the obligation of notification.

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