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Rights of an Employer after Military Return

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Military service is mandatory for young males in Turkey with some exceptions; and many youth people leave their civilian employment for a considerable period of time. Turkish Labor Law provides some provisions to prevent these people having lost their severance pay and the jobs they had to leave because of military service.  

Entitlement to Severance Pay Because of Leaving for Military Service

Employee will be entitled to severance pay when he left for mandatory military service, provided that the period of employment with the same employer is minimum 1 year. However no notice pay will be paid to them.

You can be Fired for Being Overcritical about Your Boss on Social Media

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Social media may be a dangerous place for the people who cannot hold their tongues; especially for the employees go beyond the acceptablelevel of criticism about their workplace and employer.

A publicly shared snide comment or a nasty remark about your employer, even intended to be a joke, can cost your job.

What the Labor Law Says?

Pursuant to Turkish Labor Law 4857, Article 25; the employer may terminate the employment contract, whether for a definite or indefinite period, before its expiry or without having to comply with the prescribed notice periods, for immoral, dishonorable or malicious conduct or other similar behavior of employee. For example “if the employee is guilty of any speech or action constituting an offence against the honor or dignity of the employer or a member of his family, or levels groundless accusations against the employer in matters affecting the latter’s honor or dignity.”

Change on the Support for Employing Registered Unemployed

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In case the employed person is not notified as insured more than 10 days in the workplace’s SSI premium and service documents within three months period preceding the working start date, employer will benefit from the support for employing registered unemployed of İŞKUR.

As we informed you before, private sector employers will be refunded daily 22,22 TRY of total SSI premiums to be paid for each personnel who are employed amongst the registered unemployed of İŞKUR until 31st December 2017, according to Cabinet Decree/687, issued in Official Gazette No. 29974, dated 9th February 2017.

Summer Time-DST Starts in Europe

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Most of the European countries, as well as some other countries of the world set their clocks 1 hour   forward on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

However, Turkey have been already in Summer time-DTS and clocks will remain the same, because the clocks in Turkey had not been set back one hour to pass into winter time last year throughout the entire country. The currently implemented summer time, which is also called DTS (Daylight Saving Time), became the country's non-changing standard time.

Time Zone of Turkey

Turkey's time is Eastern European Time (EET).
Stable Time zone will stay at UTC/GMT +3 hours. There will be no winter time adjustment.

Turkey were normally synchronized with European countries as regard to DST change, however the government, with a cabined decree, dated 8 September 2016, decided that from then on summer time will stay stable in order to make more use of daylight during the winters.

As a result of this decision Turkey will stay on GMT/UTC + 3 all-round the years while many of the countries in the World and Europe will set back and forward their clocks in winter and summer.

Workplaces That Will Enter into Private Pension Implementation on April

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We would like to remind you that the workplaces employing 250 (Inc.) to 1000 (Excl.) personnel will start to enter into contracts with pension companies and offer pension plans to the employees as of 1st April 2017

However, in case the number of employed personnel is beyond the 1000 on 1st April 2017, workplace’s entrance date will be 1st January 2018, because workplaces can join the system only in case of having the required number of personnel at a specific gradual entrance date.                                           

As is known, Private Pension System, which is complementary to the mandatory state social security scheme in Turkey has been introduced by Law No. 6740 and entered into force as of 1st January 2017.

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