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Do You Have to Notify Workplace Shut Down to SSI?

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No obligation of workplace shut down notification is specified in the Law. Also, there is no penal provision regarding the matter.

In case there is no mobility in SSI’s e declaration  system the Institution removes the workplace out of the scope of Law No 5510 (Social Insurance and General Health Insurance)  ex officio. 

However, it is preferable for the employer to inform the SSI with a certified mail, stating the workplace registry number, and notifying that workplace is no longer active and no employee is working. 

Employee's Consent For Overtime Can Be Taken When Needed

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Employer’s obligation to get the employee’s consent for over time at the beginning of each year is removed by the change on “Regulation on Overtime and Extra Hours”.

As is known it was necessary for the employer to obtain employee's overtime consent at the beginning of every year. In practice employer used to schedules their annual overtime and works at extra hour works in January each year and prepares consent documents and get them signed by employees, citing in the document the conditions determined by Law or the operational necessities. These documents should be kept in employee's personal file.

Changes in Paid Annual Leave Regulation

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According to the amendments on Paid Annual Leave Regulation issued in Official Journal No.30158, dated 18 August 2017;

  • Annual vacation periods may be used in segments by mutual consent, provided that one of the segments cannot be less than 10 days.

  •  For employees of subcontractor; in case the employee continues to work in the same workplace even after the subcontractor changed, their annual vacation period will be determined according to the time worked in this same workplace.

  • Primary employer is under the obligation of ensuring employees of subcontractor are let to use their entitled leave periods, and subcontractor has to submit one of the copies of vacation record book to the primary employer.

  • Vacation periods of employees working in underground work shall be applied by raising 4 days. 

Notification of New Starters - Special Conditions

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New starters must be notified to the SSI by submitting a notice of employment. The declaration (insurance holder employment report) should be submitted online to the authorities one day before the start date at the latest. In case of any delay employer will be liable to administrative fine.

However, there are exceptional cases regarding the notification period of new starters in some conditions and field of business.  insurance holder employment report

Last payment date of July 2017 SSI premiums is extended to 5th September 2017

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As is known last payment date of July/2017 SSI premiums coincide with eve of Feast of Sacrifice, 31st August 2017 which is half day holiday.

Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced that due date for July SSI premium payments 31st August 2017 coincide with eve of Feast of Sacrifice, and employees in public institutions are given half day administrative leave on that date. In order to prevent any confusion and relieve the obligators, last payment date of July 2017 SSI premiums are postponed to Thursday, 5th September 2017.   

Also the due instalment payment of restructured debts are postponed to 5th September 2017.

Tax Reduction for Compliant Taxpayers Starts in 2018

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We have already informed you that the taxpayers who pay their personal income and/or corporate taxes regularly on time will be benefiting from 5% tax discount not exceeding one million TRY in any case.

According to the news we received, Ministry of Finance, Revenue Administration prepared an Income Tax General Communique Draft.

Pursuant to Omnibus Bill (bag law) 6824, the article 121 of Income Tax Law 193 have been rearranged with the heading of “Tax reduction for Compliant Taxpayers. The reduction will be applied to income tax and corporate tax returns that must be filed as of 1st January 2018.

Withdrawal from Private Pension may be Made Difficult

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The main target of the Private Pension System is to improve the welfare level of employees by providing a supplementary income during retirement and also to increase the domestic savings which is crucial for Turkey’s economic growth. However, according to official statistics about 57% of the participants used their right of withdrawal from the system in July.

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