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Too Many Creative Ideas To Sort? Maybe It Is Time to 'Mind Map' By Ela Erozan Gursel

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creativeMost of us come up with many unusual and creative ideas during the day but have hard time transforming them into concrete projects or include them in processes.  Some of us take notes and make an effort to make use of these new ideas, others easily forget them within the chaotic business day.  There is a simple tool that can organize your ideas on a diagram almost like a visual of your train of thoughts printed out right out of your brain.  Wouldn't this kind of tool help you be more creative yet organized?

This powerful tool is called 'mind mapping.'It is basically a software developed to link ideas, people, tasks or anything you can think of.

Foreign Investors Eye Turkish Exhibition Sector By Ela Erozan Gursel

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yabanciTurkey comes to mind as a beautiful destination for vacationing by the Mediterranean coast, indulging with delicious food and venturing the cultural sites by the Bosphorus and Sultanahmet in Istanbul or Ephesus in the West. Not many people would think of Turkey as the place to conduct global business meetings, attend international conventions and trade fairs. However, Turkey has seen promising investment opportunities in the exhibition sector where foreign investors would also like to take a part…

Lost in Numbers By Ela Erozan Gursel

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lsotAre you one of those Lost fans who followed the show diligently all 6 seasons? Were you disappointed by the finale that left us with many unanswered questions? Or did you think that the emotional ending with the final encounter summed up the philosophy of Lost? Maybe you are one of the skeptical viewers who got disconnected half way through the 5th season and thought that the viewers themselves were lost in a dense labyrinth…

Whichever segment of viewers you belong to, you would agree that Lost was a successful TV phenomenon that connected millions of viewers to the survivors of Oceanic 815 in a mysterious island.

Wonder of a Sip of Coffee by Ela Erozan Gursel

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cofI am a firm believer of branding. I believe powerful brands drive the way we perceive things, we form our likes and dislikes, and even the way we identify ourselves. 'Turkey' and 'Being Turkish' are in fact brands that make our initial impression in the global arena. Our cultural and historical heritage is very rich, but the real task is to transform this heritage into a sustainable brand. Whenever a Turkish brand carries the essence of this grand heritage, I become hopeful that Turkey is driving towards the future by embracing its unique characteristics.

Haremlique is a brand in tuned with Turkish uniqueness. Think of its meaning. What does it remind you of? It reminds me of Topkapı Palace and the exclusive lives of the sultan's wives and concubines.

InterNations: Connection Point for Expats by Ela Erozan Gursel

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44One of the biggest challenges of living in a foreign country is meeting new friends and belonging to a new community. Developing acquaintances through work, school or social clubs could be a good way, but you need to have some common ground like playing the same sport, having young kids or having similar experiences in different cultures… People tend to socialize with people from similar backgrounds or interests because they would like to understand each other without extra effort and enjoy each other's company.  There is a global organization dedicated to serving as a bridge among expatriates from different nations called InterNations.

Turkey, Hear out India by Ela Erozan Gursel

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IndieMother India… Land of rich history, heated politics and rising giant IT corporations but also home of vivid colors and spices, warmhearted people and incredible monuments and landscapes…

India is a huge land of controversy: It is one of those places in the world where you can see the most exquisite pieces of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies adorning the forehead of a gorgeous Indian lady and the poorest child you could imagine walking bare feet begging just a few feet apart from each other. It is the place of incents, milk and arali, vilvam or lotus flowers dedicated to Gods and Goddesses with morning and evening rituals. It is the birthplace of Bollywood movies, which make viewers laugh and cry with funny dances, social burdens, innocent dialogues and colorful saris.

Refined Delivery Meals for Busy Women: Rafinera By Ela Erozan Gürsel

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rf1Do you know any woman who is content with her weight? One that would try on jeans, look in the mirror and not think that she would look much better if she loses one or two kilos? Being one of these women, I always try to control my appetite, eat less and choose healthy food. It is easier to manage having smaller size healthy meals at home since I am the one buying and preparing the food. But, when I was working at the office, it was tough to find healthy alternatives for lunch and even dinner as it takes an extra effort to plan and cook after work.  I am sure city women with hectic work schedule would agree that sometimes it is even hard to spend half an hour for a proper meal between two meetings. No need to say most of the time we find ourselves starving or eating at McDonalds just to be stuffed. What if there is a service that provides a well-balanced meal 5 times a day including snacks? Plus, what if these meals come to your door on the time you indicated? Wouldn't this be a fantastic solution for your nutrition needs? Imagine there is someone cooking delicious calorie-balanced meals with great variety.

Look Towards the East for Innovation to Rise By Ela Erozan Gürsel

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poliThe modern time innovations have been dominated by the US and Europe where giant companies allocate large sums of investments for research and development to create new technology. Plus, these companies spend huge marketing budgets to promote this new technology and raise awareness on its unique advantages among businesses and individual customers. Today, companies don't have such large funds that they can generously allocate for R&D or marketing. They have to be innovative within a budget. Instead of developing sophisticated features for new products or creating brand new technologies, they need to listen to their customers carefully to evaluate both praises and complaints, watch the customers' spending behaviors and try to see what the customers are really looking for...

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