What is the week-end wage and terms of payment ?

Article 46 of Labor Act no 4857 regulates terms and conditions of week-end wage. Accordingly, at least twenty-four hours of rest time (week holidays) is given to the workers within a period of seven days, on the condition that they have worked the business days determined by law before the holiday. The employer pays the wage for the non-worked week holiday completely without any work correspondence.


a. Periods that are legally considered within work time although not worked and holidays arising out of the law or contract with or without daily wage,

b. Leave periods that should be given up to three days in marriage and up to three days in the death of mother or father, spouse, brother/sister or children,

c. Other leaves allowed by the employer to be limited to one week and illness and repose leaves allowed through physician’s report,

are considered as worked days.

The employees whose wages are calculated without taking cases such as casual leave and sickness into consideration and receive these wages monthly are not entitled to be paid week-end wage additionally.


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