Amnesty for Unregistered Employment

kacak isci siteEmployer who employs unregistered workers will not be devoid of premium incentives more than one month, and old fines will be pardoned, according to omnibus bill pass through the Parliament.

In current practice employers who, in the investigations and inspections performed by the officers authorized with audits and checks, are found out not notified the employed personnel as insured, or the notified insured is not working virtually (insured falsely), cannot benefit from the incentives for a period of one year. This fine is applied even for the one person employed illegally in the workplace.

Important Note: Administrative fines applied to employers of unregistered employees are not in the scope of this arrangement.

Condition of benefiting

Now with the new arrangement this one year deprivation period will be shortened to one month under the following conditions.

  • Employers who are detected to be employing unregistered personnel (not notified the employed as insured), or in case the personnel is falsely notified as insured (not working virtually) cannot benefit from the incentives in the first following month.
  • Number of unregistered personnel must be less than 5, and not exceeding the 1% of total registered personnel in the workplace.
  • In case the employers continue to employ unregistered personnel within the following 3 years they will be devoid of premium incentives for a period of one year each time they are detected to be doing so.

Amnesty  for the old fines

If employers, who are deprived of incentives for one year in line with old arrangement, complete their one moth incentive-deprivation period before 1st April 2017 they will continue to benefit from the incentives.

Effect date

Effect date of the arrangement is 1st April 2017.

Incentives to  be deprived of

In Turkey so many incentives are introduced for employers in order to prevent unemployment by decreasing the employment cost and enhancing the economy. 

The most important of them are;

– 5% premium incentive (Law No: 5510),

– 6% incentive for employing young and women,

– Minimum wage support,

– İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency) incentives,

– Regional incentives.

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