Financial Holiday 2019

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Financial holiday is created by Law No. 5604, published in the Official Gazette No. 26476, dated 28 March 2007. The Law aims at giving a break for the accountants (public accountants, professional accountants, sworn-in certified public accountants) between 1 - 20 July every year.

This year financial holiday stars at July 2, 2019 and ends at July 22, 2019. Due date of following legal declarations will be extended up to 29 July (Inc.).

  • SSI monthly premium and service declaration,
  • Workplace registration declaration,
  • Start of employment declaration,
  • Leaver declaration,
  • Objection to administrative fines,
  • Due date of administrative fine payments,
  • Due date of payment of premiums,
    • Objection to premium debts,
    • Due date for the submitting of documents required by inspectors.


  • Work accidents and occupational disease,
  • Approval of reports related to maternity and sickness,
  • Collective redundancy declaration submitted to İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency).

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