Work Permit Fees Filed Abroad Will be paid in Turkey

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In a broad applications WP fees will be paid in Turkey by the employer.

Applications for work permits can be made inside or outside Turkey. Foreigners residing abroad shall apply to the Turkish Consulates in their country of residence or of citizenship.

In case the WP application is accepted as appropriate, the work permit fees are used to be paid to the related consulate during getting the “work visa”. But now, with the announcement issued in the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, International Workforce General Directorate “as of 17 June 2019 for the foreigners whose application accepted as appropriate the WP fees will be notified to employers in Turkey and will be paid by the employers as in the same way paid for in-country applications.


The steps and necessary documents for embassy application abroad are as follows:

•             Before the consulate visit fill in the “Visa Application form” in the web-side

When you go to the related consulate of Turkey to apply for work visa, please take the following documents with you:

•             Passport

•             Employment Contract (2-embassy contract) (Signed scanned copy could be enough)

•             Embassy letter (Our Invitation letter)

•             One photo (biometric passport photo)

When you fill in the Visa Application form and submit the other documents, a reference number will be sent to you by e mail. Please send the reference number to your employer. Also send the signed our copies of contracts just after you sign them.

Also, the following documents for Turkey stage will be needed;

•             Reference number

•             Sort Copy of passport

•             One photo

•             Diploma (soft copy)

•             Employment contract (as mentioned above).

After Turkey stage is completed WP fees information will be notified to the Employer.

Generally, WP cards will be sent to the employer in the following couple of days.

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