How can You Take the Ramadan Feast 9 Days Holiday?

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This year holy Ramadan Feast will be observed between Tuesday, 4 June and Thursday 6 June, also Monday, 3rd of June is the eve of the feast and half day holiday.

As per the Government announcement many of the public sector employees are allowed administrative leaves for Monday, 3rd June and Friday, 7th June. As a result public employees will have 5 days holiday uninterruptedly between 3rd and 7th July, and many of the public institutions and agencies, schools including SSI departments and tax offices will be closed during this period.

Taking into consideration the two weekends before and after the Feast, the holiday is extended to 9 days for public employees.

Unfortunately, administrative leaves granted by the Government don’t include the private sector employees, who will have 3, 5 days of leave starting from 3rd June, 13.00 o’clock and continuing until 6th June,

However, private sector employees may extend their holiday up to 9 days, provided that their employer consented.


Though not obligatory, some employers let their personnel to take one or two days of their annual leave and combine them with the Feast holiday in order to enjoy their holidays uninterruptedly.


Compensatory work is arranged in Article 64 of Labor Law No. 4857, and in Article 7 of Working Time Regulations;

“In cases where time worked has been considerably lower than the normal working time or where operations are stopped entirely for reasons of suspending work due to force majeure or on the days before or after the national and public holidays or where the employee is granted time off upon his request, the employer may call upon compensatory work within two months in order to compensate for the time lost due to unworked periods.”

With the employer’s consent you may take the half day of the eve (3rd of June and 7th of June off and can make up unworked hours.

It should bear in mind that compensatory work must be done within sixty days after Feast holiday.

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