2019 Minimum Living Allowance and Net Wages

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2019 Gross Monthly Wage has been determined as 2,558.40 TRY (net 2,020.91 for single employee) with a 26% wage hike.

Employees' net wages differ depending on their marital status, because of Minimum Living Allowance (MLA). Minimum Living Allowance (MLA/AGİ)  is calculated on the basis of annual minimum wage in accordance with the marital status and the number of the children of the employee, regardless of the total earning.

You can see the monthly net amounts for minimum wage earners below.

Net Minimum Wage with MLA
NET MINIMUM WAGE (without MLA) 1,829.03
EMPLOYER COST (with 5% Treasury incentive) 3,006.12
Net Minimum Wage for Following Employees
Single/Spouse working + no kid   2,020.91
Single/Spouse working + 1 kid 2,049.69
Single/Spouse working + 2 kids 2,078.47
Single/Spouse working + 3 kids 2,116.85
Single/Spouse working + 4 kids 2,136.04
Single/Spouse working + 5 kids 2,155.23
Married+Non working Spouse+no kid 2,059.29
Married+Non working Spouse+1 kid     2,088.07
Married+Non working Spouse+2 kids 2,116.85
Married+Non working Spouse+3 kids 2,155.23


Retired Employees

Retired persons may continue to work and benefit from the MLA, however SSI premium contributions are different from the normal workers.

Table below shows the net minimum wage amounts of retired employees in accordance with their marital status.

Retired Employees Net Minimum Wage with MLA
NET MINIMUM WAGE (without MLA) 1,992.12
Net Minimum Wage for Following Employees
Single/Spouse working + 0 kid   2,184.00
Single/Spouse working + 1 kid 2,212.79
Single/Spouse working + 2 kids 2,241.57
Single/Spouse working + 3 kids 2,279.94
Single/Spouse working + 4 kids 2,299.13
Single/Spouse working + 5 kids 2,318.32
Married+Non working Spouse+0 kid 2,222.38
Married+Non working Spouse+1 kid     2,251.16
Married+Non working Spouse+2 kids 2,279.94
Married+Non working Spouse+3 kids 2,318.32

Payroll breakdown of Minimum Wage Earner

You can find the payroll deduction from minimum wage earner (single/spouse working + no kid)

Gross Monthly Minimum Wage 2,558.40
SSI Premium Share 358.18
Unemployment Premium Share 25.58
Income Tax 326.20
Stamp Tax 19.42
AGİ 191.88
Net Wage 1,829.03
Net Wage Included MLA 2,020.91

Daily and Hourly Wage

While wages are commonly calculated in monthly basis, they can also be calculated and paid in daily and hourly basis.

Gross Minimum Wage / Monthly 2,558.40
Net Minimum Wage/ Monthly 1,829.03
Gross Minimum Wage / Daily 85.28
Net Minimum Wage / Daily 60.97
Gross Minimum Wage / Hourly 11.37
Net Minimum Wage / Hourly 8.13

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