Electronic Notification Obligation Begins in the New Year

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Electronic notification is a system enables entities to get their communication through e mails, text messages etc. instead of physical mails. In Turkey this system was started at 2016 for the income and corporate tax payers who are obligated to receive all the notifications sent by the tax offices.

Now the Ministry of Justice issued an "Electronic Notification Regulation" in the Official Gazette numbered 30617 dated 6 December 2018, intending to determine the principles and procedures regarding electronic notification.

Pursuant to above said Regulation that will enter into force as of 1 January 2019 following entities shall obtain an electronic notification address from the post offices until the 31 January 2019;

  • Government bodies, municipalities, associations, unions
  • Corporate entities (joint-stock and limited companies as well as commandite limited partnership divided into shares)
  • Notary publics
  • Lawyer who are registered in bar association
  • Arbitrator who are recorded in registry of arbitrator
  • Although it is not compulsory for non-corporate real and legal persons to get electronic notification address, they may apply to have one, and after they obtain it, they shall have their communication through this address.


  • The address will be obtained from the post offices by applying until the end of January 2019. In order to get text messages phone numbers should be given.
  • Entities can reach their notification address through e-Devlet or by using their electronic signature.
  • Electronic notification is deemed to have been made at the end of the 5th date following the date of notification. So the email accounts should be checked regularly not to miss any legal notification.
  • Information submitted to post office should be exact and complete, and the changes must be notified on time.
  • The address should not be shared with any other persons or companies.

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