Foreign Labor Quota in Turkey

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Turkish companies must employ certain number of Turkish citizens for applying work permit or hiring foreigners. In other words, number of employed work permit holders cannot exceed the company's total labor force.

Ratio of foreign employee depends on the sector, qualification of foreigner and the international treaties as it will be seen below.

  • Five Turkish citizen employee for each foreigner,
  • In case the foreigner applying for work permit is a co-partner of the company, above said condition is required for the last six months of one-year work permit,
  • For foreigners to be employed in associations and foundations, representative agencies of foreign countries’ airlines in Turkey, in education sector and home services sector, no quota is necessary,
  • For occupations requiring expertise and proficiency in the entertainment and tourism-animation organization and firms, there will be no need for separate quota application on condition that at least 10 Turkish citizen persons are employed in these firms.
  • In the existence of bounding provisions in bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party/ for the foreigners who will be employed in buying of services or goods from public institution and agencies via contract or tender no quota is needed.
  • In the case the job requires advanced technology, or in case there is no Turkish professional with equal qualification, quota will not be applied. However, General Directorate’s approval is necessary,
  • In Foreign Direct Investment with Special Features, quota will be applied by taking the number of Turkish citizens working in all workplaces of the company countrywide
  • At the workplace for which work permit is requested, number of working refugees under temporary protection cannot exceed %10 of the employed Turkish citizens.

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