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shut-down.pngCollective vacation or annual shutdown, though not common in Turkey, is applied usually by manufacturing companies during certain seasons preferably in summer.

Employer may chose a total or partial shutdown, meaning some employees are sent to vacation while some others carrying on working for reasons of security, repair of and maintenance of machinery and equipment and so on.


Principals of Collective vacation are arranged in the “Regulation on Paid Annual Leave,” article 10-11.

  • Employer may schedule collective vacation for all or some of employees between starting of April and end of October every year. The schedule that contains the employees taking vacation, and the start and end dates should be announced beforehand.
  • In collective vacation or shutdown periods even the employees, who aren’t entitled for paid annual leave, may take their vacation.


Some of the employees continue to work in the establishment for the following purposes;

  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Repair or maintenance of machinery and equipment.
  • These employees may take their vacations whenever they chose out of collective vacation period. ANNUAL VACATATION ENTITLEMET

All employees who have worked for at least one year including the trail period are entitled to annual vacation. Vacation periods are as follows:

Length of Service                     Minimum Vacation Period

1 to 5 years (included)              14 working days

5 to 15 years                            20 working days

15 years (included) or longer    26 working days

  • Paid annual leave may not be less than 20 days for employees under the age of 18 or over the age of 50.
  • Employees are also allowed to take up to 4 (four) days' leave without pay, on the condition that the employee provides documentary evidence that s/he is spending his/her annual leave at a place other than where the work place is located.
  • Employees engaged in seasonal or other occupations which, owing to their nature, last less than one year are not entitled to paid annual leave.
  • Periods during which the employee has been employed in one or more workplaces of the same employer shall be considered jointly.
  • An employee neither can waive his right of vacation nor can s/he engage in gainful employment during this period. Otherwise they may be asked by their employer to reimburse the annual leave remuneration paid in advance.


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