Electronic Signature Required In New Work Permit Application System

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Work permit application system of foreigners is renewed and the new system has come into service as of 26th February 2018.

According to announcement in Ministry of Labor and Social Security’s website the following points should be taken into consideration.

  • Application must be made through e-devlet system by using electronic signature.
  • Applicants (employer or his representative) of all work permit applications and of the foreigners who apply for independent and permanent work permit must have a “Registered Electronic Mail Address KEP”.
  • In case the applicant doesn’t have any KEP account and e-signature, application will not be possible.
  • First record of workplace (household-related employment excluded) will be created by the personnel who are authorized for SSI e declarations, and then these personnel, through the system, may also authorize the other persons who are going to apply for the work permit on behalf of the company or institution.
  • As the applications are made by electronic signature, there is no need to send application form, petition or any other document to the Ministry.
  • Submitted applications and completed documents in previous system will be processed in line with the old system.
  • Uncompleted applications in previous system are inactivated as of 26th February 2018, and the applications must be renewed through new system.

Please visit our website for detailed information on Registered Electronic Mail Obligation: http://turkishlaborlaw.com/news/business-in-turkey/545-registered-electronic-mail-obligation-in-work-permit-application

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