Having Heart Attack in the Workplace is a Work Accident

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heart attack artDying or being disabled mentally or physically as a result of having a heart attack in the workplace will be deemed as a work accident according to SSI Circular No. 2016/21, issued on 29th September 2016.

Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 arranges the responsibilities and obligation, duties and authority of employer and employee in order to ensure health and safety at work.

Another SSI Circular in the past stated that in case there is no causal relation with the work done, or in non-existence of any external influence, heart attacks in the workplace shouldn’t be considered as an occupational accident, however Supreme Court ruled that it is impossible to determine whether there is a casual relation with the work or external influence in many incidents.

Also, in application of the Law labor inspectors such incidents are treated as work accidents in the inspections.
In the light of the above explanations, a heart attack in the workplace should be notified to SSI as a work accident, otherwise employee who fails to fulfil this obligation may be liable to compensation.

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