Home-Based Child Care Project Widening in Turkey

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working mom art“Supporting Registered Employment of Women through Home-Based Child Care Project” is co-financed by Turkish Republic and European Union in order to ensure working mothers continue their employment after having child.

In his respect, working mother who have children between 0-2 years of age are granted financial support of 300 to 390 Euros monthly in case they employ a child caregiver. From the beginning of the project, approximately 15 million Euros donated to about seven thousands mothers, and eight thousands caregivers benefited from the project.

Project started on March 2015 in determined pilot provinces İzmir, Bursa and Antalya, and as of 1 December 2016, Istanbul and Ankara will be included in the scope of the project, and amount of support will be increased to 320 Euros (to 416 Euros for the single mothers, and mothers with disabled child).


Application is starting as of 28 November and can be made through

www.sgk.gov.tr and www.evdecocukbakimi.net

Number of benefiting mothers is limited. In İstanbul only 3500, and in Ankara 1500 mothers will be chosen from between the applicants.

Eligibility of Mothers

Mother must

  • be a Turkish citizen
  • have a child between 0-24 months of age
  • be working full time with an employer
  • be residing in the same house with the child
  • be earning less than twice the monthly minimum wage (monthly 3.294,00 TL for 2016)
  • employ a full-time child caregiver

Eligibility of Caregiver

Child caregiver must:

  • be a Turkish citizen
  • be residing in the same province the mother and child lives in
  • be notified at least 30 days full-time social security premium for
  • not be first degree relative with the mother or father of the child, or not be a third degree relative in case he/she is cohabiting (grandparents are not deemed as caregiver)
  • be at least primary school graduate and 18 years of age.

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