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Next Best Thing to Fortune Telling: Astrology

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by: Ela Erozan Gürsel
2012 is ending and we're entering a new year with new resolutions, plans and hopes. We have ambitions and desires in our personal lives as well as professional lives. Sometimes we want a fortune teller's globe to tell us what's going to happen next. As we know there is no such thing, we go for the next best thing, 'the astrology' for answers.

Meet The Most Powerful Decision Maker: The Brain

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Meet The Most Powerful Decision Maker: The Brain
Have you ever heard of neuromarketing? It is the bridge between neuroscience and marketing that let us understand the human behavior by analysing brain activities. Simplier definition as Patrick Renvoise, father of neuromarketing, would sum up; neuromarketing is ‘the science of human decision.’ This is a rising field among advertisers, brand managers and marketing professionals at large whose job is to understand and influence the buying decisions of end customers.
We had the privilege to interview Mr. Patrick Renvoise just a few weeks before the Neuromarketing Conference in Istanbul, where he will be conducting a neuromarketing workshop.

People Work While Depressed, Says Survey

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People Work While Depressed, Says Survey	A Mori survey carried out for the European Depression Association (EDA) in the U.K., Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and France, has found that one in 10 workers have taken time off for depression, according to the BBC. Those in the U.K., Denmark and Germany were most likely to be off work because of depression. Overall, 20 percent of the 7,000 polled had received a diagnosis of depression at some point in their lives.

World, Turks On Verge Of Burnout

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stressSome half of the respondents to a large work-stress survey tell that the level of the pressure has risen from last year. A high level of stress is not only a burden on workers, but also on companies, says the research firm.
Respondents to a recent survey say that two of the three main sources of stress were professional rather than personal: jobs and customers.
Work-related stress is on the rise for half of employees across the world, while the figure goes up to 59 percent in Turkey, according to a recent survey by Regus, a leading global provider of flexible workspace, with over 16,000 professionals across more than 80 countries.

The Power of Informal Market

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informal-markets-in-turkeyI recently watched two TED talks by Robert Neuwirth, a journalist whose main interest and focus lie on squatter cities and System D or commonly referred as informal economy. The first talk dates back to 2005 and gives vivid examples on squatter neighborhoods in Mumbai, Rio and Istanbul.
In my opinion, Istanbul is synonymous with neighborhood bazaars and street vendors.  As Istanbulites we’re used to hearing street vendors screaming ‘these are the freshest fruit  Sister, come to my stand!’ Most of our mothers and aunts do grocery shopping on a particular day of the week because their neighborhood bazaar operates that day. We all buy things from street vendors; from  corns to chestnuts, from dvds to clothes.

Turkey's Got Talent By Nick Slepko

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June 1, 2012

expat voicesTurkey has increased its billionaires by 50% in the same time it has taken Warren Buffett to raise a similar amount in corporate welfare from US taxpayers.  Despite the last several years of global financial angst, Istanbul is currently home to 38 billionaires (ranked seventh worldwide), none of whom are anchored to the oil curse like the majority of their neighbouring billionaires, nor are they slaves to the yo-yo cash flow of the revolving tech crowd back in the US (who seem to be so bereft of ideas that they are investing billions in a Russian high school year book scam).

One Language One Person by Ela Erozan Gursel

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One Language One PersonI am a firm believer in the saying ‘one language one person.’ I believe that people should learn foreign languages in order to understand the world. Learning a language means more than being able to communicate with a foreigner, it lets you enter a new world of tradition, culture, history, rituals, business and logics. So many things are engrained in the language uniquely coded to the particular culture that not even the best interpreter can translate fully.

The most important decision a Turkish family has to make right upon their child’s graduating primary school is to determine which school he will be enrolled. First and financially binding decision is to choose an Anatolian or private high school. Then what language should he be learning?

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