Retrospective Benefiting from Incentives is Possible! Apply until 31st May 2018

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Omniums bill (colloquially known bag law) No. 7103, issued in Official Gazette No. 30373, dated 27th March 2018, gives the opportunity to benefit from missed incentives retrospectively.  

In recent years Turkish government has launched many premium incentives and supports for encouraging businesses to create new employment.

In the past many employers missed this opportunity due to uncertainties about or lack of knowledge of the regulations, and for various reasons.

The article 70 of above mentioned Law has appended the Additional Article 17 to the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, giving a new chance to employers to get back the missed incentives.


As per the above mentioned Law you can benefit from incentives retrospectively, provided that you apply to SSI within one month as of the start of the month following the effective date of the Law. The enactment date of the related additional article 17 is 1st April 2018, so the employers should apply for retrospective benefiting until the end of May 2018.

Employers who don’t apply until 31st of May will also be benefited from the missed incentives; however their benefiting will be limited to 6 months back.

The Law also gives the opportunity to change the type of incentives received in the past.


In general for the employers who applied before 31st May 2018;

The amount will be refunded within 3 years starting from 1st May 2018 (for the applications before 1st April) and 1st January 2019 (for the applications after 1st April). Legal interest will be calculated for the refund amount as of above dates.

At first the payments will be set off from due debts. Employers, who have no debt to SSI, will be paid in 6 months instalments.

For detailed information about incentives for additional employment;

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