Transfer of an Employee in February

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Transferring an employee (as exit and re-employment) between the workplaces belongs to same employer may cause loss of insured days in the month of February.

In Turkey’s labor legislation number of working days within a month is considered 30, regardless of the actual number of days the month includes in. In other words the workdays of January (31 days), February (28 or 29 days) or March (30 days) is the same from the point of SSI application.  

The employer may transfers the employee to another establishment within the structure of the same holding company or the same group of companies. In case the workplaces are registered under different numbers in SSI, the transfer process will be performed by submitting leaver and new starter declarations, i.e. employee will leave the old workplace and be a new starter in the other.


As we stated above, SSI premium days for employees who worked full in February is 30, however in case of starting or leaving work during the February the actual days will be taken into account.

Examples: Leavers/New starters in February.

Employee transferred from workplace A to workplace B at 5th February 2017.

 His workdays in A = 4 days

His workdays in B = 24 days (28-4).

Premium paid days will be: 28 days.

Employee will lose 2 premium paid days.

As a result it is recommended that companies try to avoid transferring their employees.

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