National Employment Strategy of Turkey Issued

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istihdamraporuAs of 2023, unemployment rate will be reduced down to 5%, unregistered employment rate in non-agricultural sector will be under 15%, women’s employment participation rate will be increased to 41%, and child labor will be eliminated, according to government’s new “National Employment Strategy” published in the official gazette on 7th June 2017.

The target of the new strategy is;

  • Creating strong relations between education and labor market
  • Ensuring Flexicurity (flexibility and security) which strike a balance between flexibility and security in the labor market and help both workers and employers to seize the opportunities offered by globalization.
  • Increasing the employment of the groups that require special policy.
  • Strengthening the employment-social protection relation. 

For achieving this target:

  • Introductory campaigns related to occupations will be conducted for students and their parents
  • Every year 10.000 IT specialists will be trained.
  • Women’s employment participation rate will be increased to 41%,
  • Employment of disabled people will be increased 10%.
  • Government will combat with child labor.
  • Current employment in constructing sector will be increased 160%.
  • Illegal employment rate will be reduced significantly.
  • Number of employees working in health sector will be increased.
  • Certificates will be provided for employees in construction and textile sector.

  You can get access to full text of “National Employment Strategy” in Ministry’s official website.

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