Leave of Absences with Pay in Turkish Labor Law

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Employees are allowed to take some days off on some occasions such as marriage, birth, death, adoption etc. Remuneration of these leaves shall be paid by employer, and such leaves shall be regarded as worked in computation of the length of service required to qualify for paid annual leave.

Leave of absences arranged in provisional article 2 of Labor Law 4857 are as follows;

§ Marriage Leave: 3 days in the event of employee’s marriage,

§ Bereavement Leave: 3 days death in the event of employee’s mother, father, spouse, brother or sister, and child,

§ Adoption Leave: 3 days in the event of employee’s adoption of a child,

§ Paternity Leave: 5 days in case of employee’s spouse giving birth,

§ Leave for Disabled child: employed parents whose child has at least seventy percent disability or chronic disease based on medical report, shall be allowed to take up to 10 days leave of absence with pay in a year for attending the treatment of the child; on condition that leave may be taken only by one of the parents and without interruption or segments.

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