Exemption for Syrian Medical Personnel

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Principles and procedures for foreign professionals of healthcare services working in private health institutions are arranged by a regulation issued in Official Gazette Numbered 28212, dated 22 February 2012; and also provisions of International Workforce Law No. 6735 are applicable.

Work Permit  Obligation

In the work permit applications, foreigners seeking to work in healthcare services must obtain preliminary permission from the Ministry of Health. (Law No.6735, Article 8)

Requirements of Work

Foreign medical personnel may work in private health institutions by satisfying the following conditions;

  • Equivalency of diploma and/or certificate of expertise must be approved and registered by Ministry of Health,
  • Having no obstacle to perform his/her profession,
  • Speaking Turkish,
  • Having work permit and residence permit in line with the relevant legislation,
  • Having professional liability insurance for medical doctors.

Required documents in the application

  • Document issued by the relevant authority showing the equivalency of diploma and/or certificate of expertise are accepted,
  • Document showing foreigner has taken at least (B) criteria in Turkish Language Examination according to European language portfolio. This document should be submitted within one year as of the date of application, and is not required for the foreign who received their diplomas from the schools providing education in Turkish.
  • For the persons who will start to perform their occupation first time, a document obtained from their home country and showing they have no legal barrier to perform their duty. This document is not required for refuges, and for the persons who are residing uninterruptedly 5 years in turkey 
  • Contract of service signed between foreign personnel and private healthcare institution showing the salary that will be paid to foreigner.

Exemption for Syrian Medical Personnel

According to latest amendment (issued in Official Gazette No. 30025, dated 1 April 2017) in the above said Regulation, the following documents are not required for Syrian healthcare professional 

  • Equivalency of diploma and/or certificate of expertise
  • Having no obstacle to perform his/her profession.

Medical Personnel out of the scope

Following foreign healthcare professional are not allowed to work in Turkey.

  • Dentists
  • Chemists
  • Nurses

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