2017 Amounts of Half-Time Working Pay After Childbirth and Adoption in Turkey

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tll afterbirth artHalf-time working pay provided by Unemployment Insurance Fund for working mothers and adopters is increased in parallel with the rise in minimum wage of 2017. The net amount of daily half-time pay will be 58,80 TRY, and 882,00 TRY maxımum all thorough the year 2017.

Right to Half-Time Work

As is known, after the maternity leave, on condition that baby is born alive, working women, or the male or female adopter of a child under three years of age may work half time up to;

  • Sixty days on first childbirth,
  • One hundred and twenty days on second,
  • One hundred and eighty days for the third child.
  • In case of multiple births, one month will be added to that periods,
  • This period will be applied as 360 days in case of child was born with disability.

Half-Time Working Pay

Above stated employees are granted an unpaid leave up to 2-6 six months. And with the Provisional Article 5, which is appended to Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447, these unpaid leave periods (non-worked half hours) will be covered by "Half Time Working Pay after Childbirth and Adoption” through Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Employee should satisfy the below conditions to qualify for half time working pay;

  • Minimum 600 days unemployment insurance premiums should be notified for employee within the last three years prior to childbirth,
  • Employee should be working half of the weekly working time
  • Employee should apply to the Institution with "half time work after childbirth or/and adoption document" within 30 days after the date the paid maternity leave expired. In case of failure on applying in time, except force majeure, the payment will be made by deducting the delayed period from the total period during which "half time working pay after childbirth and adoption" is deserved.

Half-Time Pay Amount to be applied in 2017

State subsidy will be equal to daily gross minimum wage, and will be paid to every eligible mothers, parents and adopters regardless of the payment made to them by the employers. These payments are not subject to any tax or deduction, except stamp tax.

Monthly Gross Minimum Wage: 1.770,50 / 30 = Daily Gross Min. Wage 59,25 TRY = Daily Hal-time pay.
Net Half-time pay: 58,80 TRY (after stamp tax applied)
Net Cap of Half-time pay: 58,80*15 = 882,00 TRY

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