If An Employee Has A Heart Attack At Work, Should It Be Considered As A Work Accident?

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If an employee has a heart attack at work, should it be considered as a work accident?

The definition of work accident and all the corresponding conditions are described in detail on Social Security and General Health Insurance Act number 5510. According to this act, work accident is defined as any incident that occurs at the workplace or during work and hurts the employee physically or mentally. A heart attack at workplace could be considered as a work accident based on this definition.

No more tax exemption on private pension receipts

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No more tax exemption on private pension receiptsPrivate pension and insurance payments paid by employees and employers on behalf of employees used to have income tax exemption. As of 3 months from June 2012, the current method will be readjusted based on the following:
Private pension receipts by employee will not have anymore exemption.  The state will make a contribution to be followed in a different fund and these contributions will be annually limited to minimum wage for a year and up to 25% of employees’ private pension payments.
• Private pension payments made by employers will be exempted up to 15% of employees’ gross salary. Annual tax-exempt amount cannot exceed the annual minimum wage amount.

Changes to temporary disability declaration

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 Changes to temporary disability declarationPeriods of medical leave for the insured employees are reported on the Social Security Institution’s (SSI) website. These reports are supposed to be declared in 5 days starting from the end of report day. In case of not reporting, SSI used to send a written notification to the company and there was a money penalty in case the company would still not declare.

Would an employee of 10 years be entitled to severance pay if he gives a 2 month notice?

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Severence PayIn order to be entitled for severance pay, the employee should have completed 15 years of work period and 3600 days of social insurance contributions. In that case, he can demand a certificate from the Social Security Agency stating that he is entitled to severance pay and obtain the right to terminate employment. He will not be obligated to give a notice under these circumstances. It is clearly stated in the labor law that the employee should be insured by Social Security for 15 years.


Should overtime pay be taken into account for severance pay?

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In case of termination of work where severance pay is necessary, the employee should receive 30 day worth of pay for every year completed. For severance pay, all side benefits such as food, transportation should be included besides the salary. Overtime pay should not be included in the severance pay due to its variable nature. 

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