What are the administrative fines related to illegal employement of foreigners for the year 2015?

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 Penal provisions as regard to foreigners working without a work permit and their employers are regulated in  Article 21 of Law On The Work Permit For Foreigners N. 4817, and amount of the fines rearranged for the year 2015 are as follows;

For employer or employer representative who employee foreigners without a work permit for each foreigner;

8.381 TL

For foreigners who work dependently without a work permit;

835 TL

For the foreigners who work independently without a work permit;

3.350 TL

For independently working foreigners and their employers, who do not fulfill their obligation of notification according to article 18 in due course of time for each foreigner. (Detailed below)

417 TL


- In case of repetition, administrative fines will be doubled.
- Employer or employer representative is obliged to bear the costs of accommodation charge, expenses for return to their country and   health expenses when necessary, related to foreigners who have no work permit, and their spouse and children if any.
- Workplaces of foreigners who work independently without a work permit will be closed down.


The independently working foreigners and the employers who employ foreigners are required to notify the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as regard to start and end of the work, and other situations. The relevant article is as follows;

Article 18. a. The independently working foreigners are obliged to inform the situation to the Ministry within at most fifteen days, from the date they have started working and from the end of the work,
b. The employers that employ foreigners are obliged to inform the situation to the Ministry within at most fifteen days when they have started to work, in case they do not start working within thirty days from the date when the working permission was issued, from the end of this date and from the date when the service contract was terminated for any reason.


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