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Asgari Ücret Desteği Genelgesi Yayımlandı

The daily amount of earnings subject to premium that will be taken as a base in the minimum wage support is increased from 110,00 TRY to 120,00 TRY. Also the base amount is increased from 164,70 TRY to 180,00 TRY in the unionized workplaces.

Also, as per SSI Circular 2018/20; the due support amounts related to January, February, March, April, which are not refunded yet, will be set off from the May premium debts of employer at one time. In case not all the support amount is setoff, the remaining will be set off from the next month’s debts.  

As is known, employers were receiving daily 3,33 TRY premium refund throughout 2017 for each worker whose wage (earnings subject to premium) were notified under daily gross 110,00 TRY (monthly gross 3.300,00 TL) in 2016, and for each personnel employed in new enterprises established / registered within 2017.

Now with the Cabinet Decree, 2018/11668, issued in the Official Gazette on 20th June 2018; between January and September 2018, employers will be receiving daily 3,33 TRY premium refund throughout 2018 for each worker whose wage (earnings subject to premium) were notified under daily gross 120,00 TRY (monthly gross 3.600,00 TRY) in 2017. The daily base amount for unionized workplaces will be 180,00 TRY (monthly 5.400,00 TRY).

Daily Earning Upper Limit 120,00 180,00
Monthly Earning Upper Limit 3.600,00 5.400,00
Amount to be multiplied by Total Premium Covered Days 3,33 3,33


A - Employers who;

  • do not submit their Monthly Premium and Service Documents and do not pay the premiums in time,
  • in the investigations and inspections performed by the officers authorized with audits and checks, are found to be not notified the employed personnel as insured or the notified insured is not working virtually,
  • did not pay the premium, administrative fine and delay penalty debts to Institution (SSI), cannot be benefiting from the above incentives
  • The amounts covered by Treasury will be collected back with delay fine and default interest from the establishments who are found out to be dealing with fictitious transaction, in order to benefit from incentives.

Intern Support Extended for 3 Years


As per Presidential Decision No. 42, dated 15 August 2018, Government support for employers of interns is extended until 2020-2021 (included) school year.

As is known apprentices, candidate apprentices and students in vocational high schools, and students having vocational and technical training in the universities or higher education institutions who are in the scope of compulsory internship are paid 30% of net minimum wage (excluding MLA), and employer of these interns are receiving government support.

All interns, regardless of the number of personnel in the workplace, will be receiving monthly 435,27 TRY (30% of net minimum wage-excluded minimum living allowance, which is 1.450,90 TRY).


Government support will be provided according to number of personnel in the work place as shown below:

  • In the workplaces that have less than twenty personnel 2/3 of the wage (minimum payable). (1.450,91* % 30 *2/3 ) = 290,18 TRY.
  • 1/3 of the wage (minimum payable) in the workplaces that have twenty or more personnel. (1.450,91* % 30 *1/3 ) = 145,09 will be by Unemployment Fund.

It should be bear in mind that above said support is provided for compulsory interns who are having internship compulsorily within the determined periods as a requirement of their school or occupation. Employment processes and SSI transactions of such trainees will be conducted by their school at the start of the internship. They will be insured only in the scope of short term insurance branches.

Support is not applicable to optional interns who are not obliged to undergone internship by their school, but wish to learn their occupation and gain experience by means of working in companies. These interns have the same status with the regular employees as regard to SSI applications, i.e. their social security premiums must be paid by employer.

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